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The perfect fit – our brandnew FIT TOYS let you customize your experience
Reach your favorite hotspots like G-spot, A-spot or P-spot with the bendable dildo LIMBA FLEX. You can bring the toy into shape quickly by bending the wire inside with your hands. It holds the position you set it in, even when you are a getting a little wilder. You are looking for diversified FUN in no time at all with only one, flexibly applicable, toy? LIMBA FLEX is suitable for solo FUN and for couples, for pegging and for grinding and inspires you to all kinds of new adventures.

Not sure if SMALL or MEDIUM is the right choice for you?
LIMBA FLEX S is beginner-friendly and you can be especially close to each other during sex.
The long, slim LIMBA FLEX M can be bent into even more shapes and is ideal for focused thrusts.

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